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Brand Strategy

Your brand and your logo are not the same thing. A well-rounded brand strategy is about more than refreshing your logo.

Brand Strategy Overview. Defining an effective brand strategy requires a broad assessment of your corporate identity, both online and offline. Though seemingly interchangeable, your logo and a brand are two different things that need to work together harmoniously. Your logo is a visual representation of your brand’s message and your company’s value proposition. It exists to communicate what your brand represents by providing an emotional shortcut to remind people of all the benefits of your business’s products and services. Your brand, on the other hand, helps differentiate your business from competitors. It is what your customers experience when they interact with your business, products, services, and employees. Your brand exists only in your customers’ minds, but it’s also your promise to your customers of what they will experience. ica.scot takes a top-down approach to helping you develop your brand strategy. And I am honest. It could be that there are elements of your brand that are clearly communicated, and therefore, may not need to change. However, there needs to be consistency across the board for your brand to have the desired impact. Do all the elements of your brand speak with a unified voice? Think of the Coke bottle theory. A Coke bottle is identifiable even in the dark. It’s unmistakable. Can you say the same thing about your brand?

Corporate Identity. Everything, from your door mats to your logo, says something about your company (though, as an added thought, I don’t suggest you wipe your feet on your logo). That’s why it’s crucial to have a corporate identity that resonates with your clientele and is clearly recognizable to the general public. Your company’s identity should make it easier to achieve your business objectives by creating a visual presence in the marketplace, using your brand and trademarks as cornerstones. ica.scot takes your branding strategy and designs your corporate collateral professionally and consistently. From business cards, letterheads, and envelopes to tradeshow booths, digital presentations, and so much more, ica.scot can help you create marketing and sales materials that support your brand. Let me help you create a compelling and enduring corporate identity for you!

Logo Design. Your logo is your single most important piece of corporate identity! Your logo will appear on every promotional piece your company produces, including your business card, website and the signage at your location. It needs to make a definitive statement about what you do. Creating a logo involves crafting a shape that makes that statement and is distinct in a world full of images and symbols. It is a very precise and challenging aspect of design, one at which ica.scot designs excels. Connecting with a designer can make a world of difference when trying to achieve this goal. I know how to convey the message you want in an appealing and simplistic design that will be easily recognizable by your customers. Creating a wordmark is another effective aspect of logo design. By taking a word and making it your logo, you can make a memorable impression even without a symbol or illustration. Have a logo that has been around for years that you don’t want to completely change? Don’t worry…. my logo maturation process will allow me to bring your logo back up to date by making minor adjustments, without losing your well-established overall look and feel. Let me help you.

Logo Maturation. An evolution process for your well-known logo design. Your logo is always working hard for your business. It’s a demanding job, promoting for you at all hours and in many forms, from business cards to billboards, websites and more. With a 24/7 schedule like that, it’s not surprising that your logo might get a little tired. And by that I mean visually tired. Every once in a while it’s a good idea to take a look at your logo and consider the possibilities for freshening it up. So how do you keep your brand recognition while keeping with the times? By “maturing” your logo, that’s how. I keep what already works for your business and give it a makeover. I can make adjustments to modernize the look and feel while building on your existing identity. Some of the world’s oldest and largest companies have gone through the logo maturation process multiple times. Have you ever lost sight of Coke or Pepsi’s corporate identity? Probably not, and yet their logos have gone through many iterations that you may not even have noticed at the time.