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Content Marketing

Producing well-written content consistently that is of value to your targeted audience is paramount to your business’s success. Writing good content is the one thing everyone says they can do themselves. However, it’s also the thing that no one ever has the time to do. If it’s so easy, then why don’t more companies have amazing content? Creating compelling content is hard work. Can you tell your customer’s story effectively? Can you write concisely about how your company and its products and services solve their problems?

And then there’s the challenge of consistently producing captivating content that resonates with your audience. It sends the wrong message when a company’s blog has one post on it stating, “Welcome to our blog!” that’s from 2011. Content marketing is essential for driving your business forward. Great content can drive keyword rankings and works in tandem with smart search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Combined, this is what will help your firm generate leads, grow your social media profiles and influence, and keep you ahead of your competitors. If you’re not investing in a content marketing plan for your business, then you’re missing an incredible opportunity. ica.scot offers scalable content marketing services. I can help refresh and strengthen your corporate messaging, ghostwrite your blogs, thought-leadership articles, video scripts and webpage content, and produce eye-catching, impactful infographics. Are you ready to tell your customers’ and your stories to the world in a way that’s inspirational and spurs customer loyalty?