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Graphic Design

Visionary Designs for Definitive Results.

Graphic Design Overview. Design does so much more than make your business look good. It is a visual language that communicates your company’s personality to a world of potential clients before you’ve even meet them. It evokes an emotion that makes you memorable in a sea of competitors. It inspires people to action with a phone call or a visit to your website. Quality design gets results. I work with you to understand the character of your business and the message you need to express. By skillfully applying colour theory, composition and layout, perspective and typography, I will create an image that has instant impact and indelible staying power. Whether you see your business as corporate, vibrant, functional, elegant, trustworthy or ethereal, I can create a vision that works hard for you. I will help you build your brand from the smallest business card through trade show booths and signage. Discover how professional design can help connect you with your target audience and change your business.

Graphic Design Process. Whether you want to create a whole new image for your company or you would like me to build on your existing brand, I understand that your graphic design work has to have impact on your clients. No matter how complex your design needs, I will guide you through a straightforward process and work with you every step of the way to create compelling results.

Magazine, Newsletter, Business Card, Flyer Design. From maintaining brand identity in the printed work to keeping the overall vision unified and consistent, my experience and professional art skills can work with you to establish a plan of action for your publication. If it is a new magazine, I review your branding background, target market, distribution, etc. I talk about paper, colour schemes, font styles, overall look and feel, and artistic style. I talk about revenue streams, advertisers, file types, timelines, printers, and photographers. All in all, it’s about making sure that the magazine stays on target and on schedule.

Design & Layout: Artistic skill, attention to detail, planning and the ability to work under pressure are critical elements to have when designing and creating layouts for magazines and newsletters. ica.scot has what it takes!

Content Development: Whether its article writing, content editing or research, ica.scot can assist you with the creation or polishing of compelling copy.

Image Creation, Research, Selection & Manipulation: Whether you will be providing the images or need assistance in getting them, ica.scot can perform miracles with your artwork.

Ad Design & Placement: A common feature of many magazines and newsletters; ica.scot can work with your advertisers to design and place their ads in your publication – maintaining the professionalism of your work.

Signage and Trade Show Booths. Attract attention with signage that signals success. Whether it’s a prominent position on your building or a key location at a busy trade show, your signage needs to stand out and speak directly to your target audience. ica.scot understands the need for a creative approach that will tempt tradeshow attendees or stop traffic while still clearly promoting your brand. I offer design services for a wide range of trade show signage supplies, including but not limited to: Pull Up Displays, Signage, Tradeshow Booths, Podiums, Table Runners.