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Hosting Services

ica.scot is a member of the largest enterprise-level hosting facility in the UK. We all know you can get hosting for a few Pounds a month. But when you have a trouble, can you contact someone without frustration? Has your website ever been completely deleted, without a backup? Has your web hosting provider ever gone out of business and left you in the lurch? Despite promises of huge bandwidth, has your site become inaccessible because of a slow connection? Have you had to move your site numerous times in the last few years as prices go up? I host my websites on server-grade hardware in the UK. The technicians are local, and watched the same football game you did last night. I understand your frustration, and I can help you fix the problem without any hair loss! ica.scot hosts web sites built using PHP, MySQL and other relevant frameworks. I host many web sites within the UK, which affords me greater control and efficiency when creating and maintaining sites. ica.scot is a member of the largest enterprise-level hosting facility in the UK, using state of the art servers. This hardware/software combination allows me greater flexibility and manageability to bring your presence to the Internet.

ica.scot prides itself on being aware of emerging technologies and looking out for your best interests on the Internet. Extra features, including detailed statistics, email and messaging services and the ability to work with your existing office systems will ensure that I can help you navigate into the future. ica.scot can also help you promote your site both on and off the Internet. Experience has taught me the hidden techniques that can prioritize your site with the top search engines to drive people to visit your site. I can also help you develop mechanisms for promoting your site by analyzing visit statistics and ensuring your visitors can navigate with ease and have reason to return.

Domain Management. Your domain is a valuable part of your brand identity and needs to be managed effectively at all times. At ica.scot, I understand the importance of ensuring you maintain control and ownership of your domain name. I have a reliable and proven system for consistent domain renewal, and my capable hosting partner will take care of the details, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business. For most businesses, I encourage 10-year domain registration, which improves the overall security and integrity of the registration while improving search engine rankings with major search engines. If you have experienced challenges with your domain due to misregistration or questionable registrars, ica.scot will work with you to get you back on track. If this means working with clients for months to gain control of problematic domains, you can count on me to see you through the process. I also pride myself in my integrity when it comes to domain registration. I will not hold your domains hostage but always relinquish control to the original owner should they ever wish to move to a new service (although few people ever move away from me).

Enterprise Spam Protection. ONE virus or worm can cost DAYS of productivity. If you get more than 10 pieces of spam (junk email) per day, this product will pay for itself! How much does spam cost you? If it takes an average of 6 seconds to delete every piece of spam in your inbox – and you get 10 spam messages a day – I save you one minute of productivity. That could save you as much as 30 minutes a month. Now add the break of concentration from your day-to-day business, and the negative break in your productivity and thoughts. Now add the cost of viruses, worms and other malicious threats to your company in any given year. If all of the spam your organization receives combined is more than 100 a day, your organization is directly losing 5 productive hours a month, and many times that in lost productivity. If you get ONE virus or worm in a year, you can lose DAYS of productivity.

Benefits to you: No false positives. This is the most important part of my system. Anti-spam systems often block the delivery of legitimate email, which is referred to as a “false-positive” result. I quarantine the email and send you a list of suspect email, in case you miss something. The spam and viruses and worms never touch your computer – you control them. You have full control over your quarantine and allow/deny lists, which can be managed through a daily email. Your email is guarded from spam, as well as the Viruses, Worms, Trojans they may carry, and your site is protected from Denial of Service attacks, Error Flooding, Dictionary Attacks, Mail Bombs, SMTP Channel Flooding and much more – things you can’t do from your computer. You have customizable options for setting content and attachment filtering policies. Email security experts monitor threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provide you with real-time updates and protection. No hardware required. No changes to your computer are necessary. YOU ARE ALWAYS PROTECTED, even if you switch computers. It is self-managed – no need for updates, as I do it for you, increasing your productivity.